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Typical closed loop chemical bypass feeder (aka pot feeder)

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Closed Loop Products

Water Treatment products

Fouling in your closed-loop system can reduce the heat transfer efficiency, which could result in increased energy use and cost. The lack of proper water treatment can cause serious corrosion issues that can result in inconvenient system downtime and costly repairs.

Clear Water Technologies products are designed to minimize the corrosion and prevent the fouling that can impede the efficiency of your chilled water, hot water, and processed water closed loop systems.

Our closed loop products include pre-operational cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and problem-solving dispersants and flushing agents to keep or return your system to optimal operating efficiency.


Clear Water Advantages
 - Reduced corrosion rates
 - Reduced energy costs
 - Reduced repair costs
 - Reduced system downtime
- Reduced service calls