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water treatment services

Industrial Water Treatment, water testing, cooling tower cleanings and other services

Water Treatment Programs
Your Clear Water Technologies expert will provide a complete on-site survey and analysis of your current system status. Utilizing this information, we will develop a program designed to address not only current system issues but improve your overall system safety, operation, and efficiency while meeting your budgetary needs. Clear Water Technologies promotes and implements green technology for cooling tower systems when applicable. Some of our programs may enable you to earn LEED points for your facility.

Onsite Services
We offer specialized onsite services that will meet your facility's needs and budget. Let us customize a program that works for you.

Product Warehouse and Delivery
We maintain a local certified warehouse to better serve you. We offer many delivery options to meet your specific facility needs, from basic delivery to full service pump-ins. 

Cooling Tower Cleanings

Cleaning your cooling tower regularly will greatly reduce system fouling and minimize microbiological and safety issues. A clean cooling tower also helps improves the water treatment program by reducing chemical usage. 

Corrosion Coupon Monitoring and Testing

Using Corrosion coupons to monitor corrosion rates in your open and closed recirculating systems is a valuable tool to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of your water treatment program. This information can be utilized to make proper adjustments to your treatment program to achieve the desired results. Corrosion coupons also can help detect a problem before it becomes a costly expense. Corrosion monitoring also allows you to determine and influence the expected life of your equipment.
Read more about Corrosion Control.

Legionella Testing and Risk Minimization Plans
Legionella can be a very serious issue for facilities with water systems. Clear Water Technologies is experienced in providing Legionella water analysis and assisting in development of a risk minimization plan.

Lab Services
Our lab services include (but are not limited to):
- Water analysis
- Deposit analysis
Corrosion coupon analysis
- Legionella testing
- Microbiologic-induced corrosion testing (MIC)

On-site Training 
Your Clear Water Technologies representative will develop and provide an on-site training program designed to meet your facility's specific needs, whether it be to increase product handling safety and awareness in the workplace, increase system knowledge, product knowledge and proper handling, system design, proper testing procedures, and system troubleshooting.

Biocide Application
The EPA has determined that microorganisms in water systems are considered pests. Any company applying biocides to control or eradicate microorganisms in water systems must be licensed as qualified applicators. Clear Water Technologies is licensed through the California Department of Pesticide Regulations QAL# 138214.

Water Treatment Equipment Design and Installation
Clear Water Tech works with local mechanical contractors to implement the proper equipment installations for their specific projects and will install control equipment to improve your water treatment program’s overall performance and results. We offer many options, from the basic feed and control requirements to the latest available technology in remote monitoring.

New Construction Equipment Design and Installation
We work with local contractors in the San Diego area to help with new construction projects, designing their water treatment control and feed systems. Our experts provide system recommendations and services for preoperational system cleaning as well as new and replacement system start-ups.

Domestic System Chlorinations
When starting up a new facility, it is required to have the domestic/pottable water system disinfected prior to system operation and use.

System Chemical Cleanings
Removing scale and fouling from your boiler, chiller, heat exchanger, or cooling tower can reduce your operating cost by returning the efficiency of your system back to which it was designed. We offer many options for achieving scale and fouling removal from your system. Whether it be traditional acid descaling or online polymer cleaning technology, we have the products to solve your system issues.

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