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Water Treatment products
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Clear Water Technologies offers a full line of cooling tower products, including all-organic cooling inhibitors, custom blends, pH control, and microbiocides. Theses products are designed to prevent and solve problems like scale, corrosion, and microbiological issues to keep your system running efficiently.

We develop water treatment solutions for all major brands, including B.A.C., Evapco, Recold, Marley, Delta, Tower Tech, etc. All of our product solutions are designed for and are compatible with fluid coolers, closed circuit coolers, open cooling towers, evaporative condensers, induced draft, forced draft, or cross flow towers.

Clear Water Technologies provides and implements custom-designed programs for cooling towers that utilize reclaimed water, low water discharge, and other environmentally friendly programs. Please contact us for more information regarding these custom programs.   

Clear Water Advantages
- Protecting your capital investment
- Reduced water usage
- Reduced energy usage
- Prevention of bacterial-related issues
- Minimized corrosion
- Prevention of costly scale deposition

- LEED-friendly options